Alternative Path Towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

In this online event, OneForce team is going public about the approach it is taking for building BrainCore cognitive technology that can read text, understand its meaning and make logical decisions. 

The ability to speak natural language and exchange information is what distinguished homo sapiens in the animal world. In the same manner, creating machines that can understand the meaning of text to communicate and learn from humans is the required first step in building an AGI.


Andy Zhulenev

CEO, OneForce Inc.

As a physicist by education, electronics and computer geek at heart, with 30 years of business and information technology experience, Andy is committed to deliver innovation at the edge of today’s technological frontier. 

At OneForce, he leads a team of talented scientists and engineers developing cognitive technology and directly applying it to build intelligent software for marketing, sales and recruitment automation.


These events are designed for an engaged dialog: 

  • 30 minutes - Speaker presentation
  • 30 minutes - Q&A and discussion
July 26, 2022
11am EST
60 minutes

This is the first in a series of events where we are inviting both industry and academia to collaborate with us on this bold mission. 

We are inviting from the industry:

  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Corporate Investment Managers
  • Digital Transformation Leaders

We are inviting from academia:

  • Professors
  • Researchers
  • PhD Students



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Key challenges

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