Scale Your SDR or Sales Team With Vetted and Managed Call Centers

Whether your sales team is one person or many, we equip your business with managed call centers and automated processes so you can close more sales.

Technology-Enabled Sales: The Edge You Need

Secure Market Leadership through Strategic Positioning and Data-Driven Intelligence.

OneForce integrates your sales and marketing teams, utilizing advanced tools and analytics, and offering scalable solutions that grow with your business. Targeted campaigns ensure that your sales team focuses on the most promising leads.

How It Works

Onboarding and Development

We start by understanding your business needs, target market, and current sales challenges. Together, we define the outbound and inbound strategies that best suit your goals. This involves deciding on the mix of lead generation, qualification processes, and the specific roles of fractional SDRs or a full SDR team tailored to your requirements.

Lead Generation and Outreach

We then generate and qualify leads for your sales team. For outbound efforts, this includes creating a targeted list and conducting outreach through calls, emails, and LinkedIn. For inbound, it involves qualifying incoming leads to ensure they're ready for the next stage.

Continuous Optimization

Regular reviews of the campaign performance and lead quality are conducted to refine strategies. We make sure that your sales funnel is efficient and aligned with your goals. As you grow, our SDR services can scale to your needs.

Packages For Your Growth

Fractional SDR
Starting at $8K a month
For startups and small businesses looking to scale their sales efforts without the commitment of a full-time sales development representative.
Package Includes:
  • Dedicated SDR Support: Gain access to a skilled SDR, focused on lead generation and qualification.
  • Custom Lead Strategy: Receive a tailored approach to identifying and reaching out to your ideal customers.
  • Monthly Reporting and Analysis: Stay informed with detailed reports on lead generation progress, campaign effectiveness, and actionable insights.
Outreach + SDR
Starting at $20K a month
For growth-stage companies ready to amplify their market presence and sales efforts.
This comprehensive
package includes:
  • Full SDR Team Access: A team of experienced SDRs working to supercharge your lead generation and sales qualification processes.
  • Omnichannel Outreach Campaigns: Leverage the power of email, LinkedIn, and call-center outreach to engage potential clients across multiple channels.
  • Strategic Sales Funnel Management: From top-of-funnel awareness to mid-funnel engagement, our team ensures a smooth transition of qualified leads ready for closing.
  • Advanced Analytics and Integration: Benefit from deeper insights into campaign performance and seamless integration with your existing CRM and sales tools.
Enterprise SDR Services
Starting at $50K a month
For enterprise-level organizations requiring a custom sales development solution.
Package Includes:
  • Get the flexibility and expertise necessary to expand your sales operations, penetrate new markets, and incorporate the latest technologies for growth. For enterprises aiming for high-level customization and strategic sales development.

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