A Case Study On Learning From Influencers In Your Market: Growth Llama Podcast Ep. 9

In this episode of the Growth Llama podcast, Barry Hurd shares his expertise on influencer mapping for market intelligence. He discusses the methodology behind his research, including the collection and analysis of data from LinkedIn posts, to identify influential voices in the AI conversation beyond the usual suspects. 

Gain insights into the mechanics of influencer mapping, the importance of looking beyond surface-level metrics like follower counts and engagement rates, and the potential applications of such mapping in their own industries. Barry's discussion highlights the challenges of content visibility on LinkedIn and the strategic use of data to uncover valuable but often overlooked insights within professional networks. 

As a case study for influencer mapping, Barry walks us through his process by focusing on previous research he conducted. He focused on AI discussions within the Seattle area on LinkedIn. Barry's research involved visualizing thousands of posts from around 800 to 900 individuals to highlight topics from lesser-known experts. This allowed Barry to bring to the surface other voices with valuable insights from experts in AI who might be drowned out by major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

By excluding the most prominent influencers from big tech companies, Barry's work reveals richer, more nuanced results of discourse around AI, showcasing how experts in fields like health, retail, and transportation are utilizing AI technologies. 

This is just one example of how influencer marketing can help understand and leverage the voices of influence within different markets and industries.